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Sunday, November 12, 2017

It's Almost

Ap bnde yg almost tu is that actually I'm about to reach the end of my degree...
which is next insha'Allah as next year dah start intern
so I hope nothing bad happen.
Psl pemilihan tmpt intern which we have to select 5 of it but yg mna dpt xtaula kn?!.
But its okay for me as long it nice and good I'm okay with it.
choice of place is either Langkawi or KL(Bangsar)
why those place???
actually I'm not really sure why myb convenience for me to travel
btw we also need to have consultation dgn lctrr like twice a month cmtu
tp bnda tu pkir kemudian....
Now fokus dkt last semester before semester for intern tu start.
yerla kang sangkut ap2 xpsl2 xblh intern. btul x?

about pemilihan tmpt intern as we know student duit PT once every sem
so better pilih tmpt yg blh bg elaun or any benefit
cth benefit:
1. pengangkutan.
2. penginapan.
3. others

hahaha normally inila but if dpt tmpt yg high possibility tuk trus kje much better.
before apply tmpt tu make sure tmpt2 tu ikut syarat yg kordinator tetapkn
sbb tkut spttny kje lain tp kje lain yg dibuat
nnt cmne nk msuk report
degree lg la dgn FYP lg which is nk kna cri jurnal, buat survey n mcm2 lg
pstu dgn defend proposal lg
so whatever it is work smart in everything u do...
yeah kwn ad tp dorng pon ad kje dorng jgk
xblh nk bergntung dgn org sntiasa
as manusia berubah2 and they use to back on their words
sbb mostly selfish pentingkn diri sndri
so whatever u do must with full of care
don't fully trust anyone sbb akan sntiasa ad backstabber
n kwn2 pon ad jgk yg Hipo
Hipo tu ap?
ak jer pggil Hipo
bkn Hypopotamus tp Hipokrit...
 so far that its...
anything myb will update later if bkkla